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Soar to Excellence Online Conference

Wondering how to teach classic literature and history?
Join us June 18-20, 2020 for this live, online event!

Soar to Excellence Classic Literature and History Conference


The Soar to Excellence Online Conference with Janice Campbell of Excellence in Literature and John De Gree of The Classical Historian is over now — we thank you for coming! We still have some conference specials up, so don't miss them!

If you were registered for the conference and watching for the recordings, the link has been mailed. Check your inbox for an email from 


Normally, Janice and John would be travelling through the country to various conventions, meeting fabulous homeschool moms and classroom teachers and sharing our classic literature and history curriculums.

This year is different. Like you, we are staying home — John on the west coast; Janice on the east. We've missed being at the homeschool conventions, so we decided to hold a mini-conference of our own — all about teaching classic literature, writing, and history.  

Sign up to join us for our live talks, and stay afterward for a live Q&A! Registration is free, and everyone who signs up will receive a link to the recordings on the following week.

Conference specials will be in place for this event, too! 

To sign up for talks by John, click here to visit the sign-up form on his site.

To sign up for Janice's talks, use the form below. 

(All Times Listed are Pacific Daylight Time; add three hours for Eastern Daylight Time — 9 a.m. PDT is 12 noon EDT. )


9:00 - 10:00 PDT

 Spreading the Feast: How to Teach Great Literature to Teens with Janice Campbell

  • Have you always wanted to read the classics, but didn’t know where to begin? The “Great Books” are wonderful reading, and well worth the effort it takes to understand them. In this inspiring workshop, you’ll learn how to read challenging books; how context resources such as art, music, and history can help you understand a great work; how literary periods can reveal clues to an author’s worldview; and how to help your high school students develop the kind of deep reading and writing skills they will need in college. You’ll leave knowing how important literature is, and confident that you can teach it! [Focus: Parent Training, Literature, Teens, Audience favorite!]

11:00-12:00 PDT

How to Teach History With Games AND the Socratic Discussion (John De Gree)

  • In this informative and practical talk, John De Gree will explain how to teach history to an individual, a big family of various aged kids, a co-op, or a classroom setting. You will learn how to use games for all ages, how to use presentations with children of different levels, and how to encourage your students to search for the truth while using the Socratic discussion. John De Gree of The Classical Historian is a home school Dad of seven children, and for 26 years he has been teaching history to a wide variety of students. This talk is an hour long, followed by 45 minutes of lively discussion from an engaged audience. 


9:00-10:00 PDT

Teaching Government and History Through the U.S. Elections (John De Gree) 

  • It’s that time again….An Election Year! John De Gree of The Classical Historian will show you strategies and techniques how to teach American Government and history and also teach your children/students about the Republicans and Democrats, about conservatives and liberals, and about the media. Come to this talk and pick up concrete lessons you can use with your littlest ones through high school age. The seminar includes a free Teaching the U.S. Elections pdf download.  

12:00 - 1:00 PDT

How to Teach Writing the Easy, Natural Way: Model-Based Writing for Any Age (Janice Campbell)

  • Learning to talk happens easily and naturally for most people, and learning to write can happen that way too. Join me to learn how you can teach writing using just pen, paper, and books you already own or can get from the library. You’ll learn a four-stage model-based writing cycle that breaks writing projects into manageable pieces, teaches orderly patterns of thought, encourages creativity, expands knowledge, and helps students—even struggling learners—master the mechanics of writing. [Focus: Parent Training, Language Arts, K-12]


9:00-10 a.m. PDT

Mr. McGuffey, Meet Charlotte Mason: Classic Techniques for Teaching Language Arts Elocution, and More (Janice Campbell)

  • For over 100 years, the McGuffey Readers were used in countless one-room schoolhouses across America, imparting solid phonics-based reading, writing, and speaking instruction through character-building stories, poetry, and excerpts from important classic works. I’ll show you how to make them even more effective by applying Charlotte Mason’s instructional methods to these timeless classics for a structured, yet simple language arts foundation. [Focus: Parent Training, Language Arts, K-12]

11:00 - 12:00

Washington and Trump: Our First and Forty-Fifth President (John De Gree)

  • In this talk, John De Gree compares and contrasts the lives and Presidencies of George Washington and Donald Trump. He also shows the importance of historical context, the media, communication, and the highpoints and challenges of each president. Come along to this presentation and get a historian's view of both Washington and Trump! 

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