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CM2- Parents and Children by Charlotte Mason (Volume 2) - Book
CM2- Parents and Children by Charlotte Mason (Volume 2) - Book
CM2- Parents and Children by Charlotte Mason (Volume 2) - Book
CM2- Parents and Children by Charlotte Mason (Volume 2) - Book

CM2- Parents and Children by Charlotte Mason (Volume 2)

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Home Education presents Miss Mason's "method of education resting upon a basis of natural law" with an emphasis on equipping mothers to work with their children from early childhood to age nine.

Paperbound, 5 x 8", 420 pages.


Parents and Children: The Role of the Parent in the Education of the Child

Parents and Children is Volume 2 of Charlotte Mason's six-volume Home Education series. This volume presents a series of essays on the role of parents and guidelines for raising wise and virtuous children.

In Parents and Children

  • The Family

  • Parents As Rulers

  • Parents As Inspirers: Children Must be Born Again into the Life of Intelligence

  • Parents As Inspirers: The Life Of The Mind Grows Upon Ideas

  • Parents As Inspirers: The Things of the Spirit

  • Parents As Inspirers: Primal Ideas Derived from Parents

  • The Parent As Schoolmaster

  • The Culture Of Character: Parents as Trainers

  • The Culture Of Character: The Treatment of Defects

  • Bible Lessons: Parents as Instructors in Religion

  • Faith And Duty (Review): Parents as Teachers of Morals

  • Faith And Duty (Review): Claims of Philosophy as an Instrument of Education

  • Faith And Duty (Review): Man Lives by Faith

  • Parents are Concerned to Give the Heroic Impulse

  • Is It Possible? (Review): The Attitude of Parents Towards Social Questions

  • Discipline: A Consideration for Parents

  • Sensations And Feelings: Sensations Educable by Parents

  • Sensations And Feelings: Feelings Educable by Parents

  • 'What Is Truth?' - Moral Discrimination Required by Parents

  • Show Cause Why: Parents Responsible for Competitive Examinations

  • A Scheme Of Educational Theory Proposed To Parents

  • A Catechism Of Educational Theory

  • Whence And Whither: A Question for Parents

  • The Great Recognition Required Of Parents

  • The Eternal Child: The Highest Counsel of Perfection for Parents

This lovely edition was republished in Australia by Living Book Press. Books published by Living Book Press are not photo reproductions of the original hardback volumes as were the original pink books but are a completely new transcription of the original versions presented in a fresh, clean font for easier reading. Page numbers in these newly typeset volumes correspond to the original editions for easy study and cross-referencing, and wide margins offer space for notes.

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