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Elegant Essay Student Book - Book

Elegant Essay Student Book

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The Elegant Essay Student Book is a well-crafted course in essay writing. A Teacher's Manual is available.

Spiral-bound paperback: 8.5 x 11"

Student Book: 144 pages



The Elegant Essay Student Book

by Lesha Myers

In The Elegant Essay student book, teacher Lesha Myers offers a comprehensive course in essay writing. The Student Book is clearly laid out, and each section of the essay is taught both separately and together with many examples and exercises.

There is space for students to practice writing in response to carefully crafted prompts. You will find this beautifully simple course helpful for both instruction and review. I recommend it highly.

The Elegant Essay Student Book is thorough — here's what it covers:


    • — five writing components

    • — the essay skeleton

  • — parts of the essay

Thesis Statements 
    • — kinds of statements (expository, narrative, persuasive)

    • — instructions for devoting a thesis

  • — charts, examples, and exercises

Essay Organization 
    • — five-paragraph structure with example

    • — showing vs. telling

    • — evidence and support

  • — examples and exercises

    • —kinds of transitions

  • —examples and exercises

    • —kinds of openings

    • —problems with introductions

    • —use of creativity

  • —charts, examples, and exercises

    • —kinds of closings

    • —a pattern for conclusions

    • —problems with closings

  • —charts, examples, and exercises

Form Review 
    • —essay elements

  • —bridge transitions

Thesis & Outlines 
    • —thesis polishing

    • —answering prompts

    • —planning

  • —charts, examples, and exercises

Descriptive Essay 
    • —generating ideas

    • —developing your thesis

    • —the body

    • —transitions, introductions, and conclusions

  • —examples and exercises

Persuasive Essay 
    • —generating ideas

    • —thesis models

    • —citations

  • —charts, examples, and exercises

    • —Teaching Models

  • —Grading Sheets

There is a separate Teacher's Manual, which offers: 
    • —Three-step lesson plans

    • —14-week schedule

    • —Condensed 3-4-week schedule for an "Essay Boot Camp"

    • —MLA citation instructions

    • —Discussion of two grading methods: checklist (rubric) and points

    • —Extra teaching models

  • —Review of IEW essay basics and style techniques

Spiral-bound paperback: 8.5 x 11"

The Elegant Essay Writing Lessons: Building Blocks for Analytical Writing, Student Book: 114 pages