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The Story Book of Science by Fabre - Book

The Story Book of Science by Fabre

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In The Story Book of Science Fabre writes mini-biographies of the lives of insects in a conversational style. This book has been recommended in a number of living books curriculum guides.

Paper; 5.5 x 8.5"; 296 pages.


Jean Henri Fabre (1823-1915) was a popular teacher, physicist, chemist, and botanist, but is probably best knows for his findings in entomology (the study of insects). In The Story Book of Science he writes about the lives of insects in biographical form, creating a work of science that is clear, engaging, and colloquial. He is described by his translator as the "Homer of the insects."

As the story is written, the "biography" of each insect is told to three children by their naturalist uncle who describes such things as the ants’ underground city, the spider’s suspension bridge, the caterpillars’ metamorphosis, and so forth. In addition, he explores thunder, lightning, clouds, rain, the year and seasons, volcano’s and earthquakes and much more.

This beautiful Australian edition features all the original black and white illustrations, restored for modern printing methods. The Story Book of Science by Fabre has been recommended in living books curriculum guides, including (year 4).