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Excellence in Literature helps you teach classic literature to your teens,
even if you don't know Virginia Woolf from Beowulf!

The Excellence in Literature curriculum by Janice Campbell, now in an expanded, updated fourth edition, is a self-directed, college-prep high school English curriculum for grades 8-12. Students read full-length classic literature and complete structured writing assignments. Each volume contains one year of study and includes instructions for students and parents, a rubric, and more. 

We are the only source for The Complete Curriculum — all five years in a binder — as well as the Excellence in Literature ebooks and print/ebook bundles, and we also offer the outstanding Handbook for Writers, a high-school-into-college resource for every English student. 

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"This is only my third year using EIL, but it's working very well for us, and I recommend it to all my friends. I'm so glad to have an academically challenging English option that is taught directly to the student, uses the classics, and encourages them to grow as a writer naturally, with practice, over time.
Most of my friends dread teaching/grading writing and always try to farm that class out, but we rather enjoy it — and I was a biology major, not well versed in the classics at all!"
Dawn, via email, 4/15/2020 
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