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Doing What Matters Printable Planner - eBook
Doing What Matters Printable Planner - eBook
Doing What Matters Printable Planner - eBook
Doing What Matters Printable Planner - eBook
Doing What Matters Printable Planner - eBook
Doing What Matters Printable Planner - eBook

Doing What Matters Printable Planner

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The Doing What Matters Printable Planner is a flexible quarterly planner that can help you stay focused, calm, and proactive every week. It includes a time map, monthly and weekly planning pages, and space for the things that make sense for your life.

You get a zip file with a 44-page printable (PDF); 5.5 x 8.5" and an 8-page instruction booklet. 

Have you ever forgotten an important appointment, deadline, or birthday?

Have you bought expensive planners that proved unwieldy or simply didn't fit your planning style?

Would you like a simple, flexible planner that is easily customizable?

I think that the Doing What Matters Printable Planner might be just what you're looking for.

This simple quarterly printable planner design has served me for many, many years. It's helped me stay organized through homeschooling, caregiving, starting a home-based business, volunteering, studying, traveling, taking care of home and family, and so much more. Because the design is streamlined and flexible, I've been able to customize its use to fit each stage of life.

What is in the Printable Planner?

The Planner is designed to cover one quarter, or three months of the year, with both weekly and monthly pages. It comes as a 44-page PDF that is designed and set up to print as a booklet (I provide complete instructions for this). Here's what you'll find inside.
    • A Time Map so you can create an overview of your desired weekly routine.
    • Four month-at-a-glance pages three for the months of the quarter, and one for the first month of the next quarter so you can plan ahead.
    • A blank page across from each month-at-a-glance page; can be used for a master task list for the month; an event list with details of who, where, what, when, and what to bring; a master meal plan; or just about anything. You could also use these pages creatively for sketches, doodling, commonplace quotes, a reading list, etc.
    • Five week-at-glance two-page spreads after the monthly page for each quarter. Days of the week run across the top of the page; the larger center section is divided into four spaces which can be used flexibly (at various times I've titled them "Readings, Assignments, Home, and Away" or with my boys names); and a bottom section for notes, quotes, and whatever you like. 
    • A blank spread at the end of the booklet for things like an address, phone, or password list; a prayer list; notes about school progress; diagrams; charts; or other types of information. You can write on these pages, use them to hold sticky notes, or even attach computer printed phone lists or other data you would like to keep with you.
    • A quarter-at-a-glance grid is on the back page of the planner to note upcoming events, appointments, etc. It lets you see what's coming up without even opening your planner.

Things to know

    • Once you purchase the Planner, you may print and use it for years to come. It will probably the be the most economical planner you’ve ever owned!
    • There is a printable 8-page instruction booklet about how to print and use the Planner.
    • The body of the pages includes a pale grey dot grid that can help to keep your writing neat.
    • Weeks are laid out to begin on Monday.
    • You can need 11 sheets of good-quality 8.5 x 11" paper in any color — I like using grey résumé paper, but I've also used calligraphy "parchment" and other interesting papers.
    • If you like to use fountain pens, watercolors, or markers, be sure to choose paper that will resist bleed-through.

Is this a complete planning system?

This is the heart of my planning system, and I carry it inside a cover that also holds three 5.5 x 8.5" notebooks for different purposes as well as a year-at-a-glance calendar. You can choose to add this planner to any notebooking system you already have in place, or you may use the Printable Planner on its own. The instructions for printing and use will explain what each part is for and provide examples of what it looks in use.

You don't have to have a cover, but if you would like one, there is information in the Printable Planner instructions, as well as below.