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Transcripts Made Easy ebook

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If you'd rather spend time with people than paperwork, Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler's Guide to High School Paperwork is written for you! It will help you easily create a homeschool transcript, high school diploma, and keep simple records.

You'll find a complete description on the page for the print edition.

Downloadable ebook: 136 pages


Transcripts Made Easy ebook shows you how to keep high school records with less time and aggravation.

You know the time is coming when your homeschooled teen will need a transcript. If you'd rather spend time with people than paperwork, Transcripts Made Easy: The Homeschooler's Guide to High School Paperwork is written for you! It's all you need to know about home school transcripts, high school diplomas, and simple record-keeping.

You'll discover how easy it can be to:

    • Keep simple, accurate records quickly and easily.

    • Issue grades fairly and honestly, even if you haven't been using grades in your homeschool.

    • Grant credit for traditional classes, unit studies, work experience, and other activities.

    • Award extra credit for honors classes, credit by exam, or dual-credit classes.

    • Calculate a grade point average, with or without weighted grades.

    • Showcase your student's achievements with a professional, credible transcript that will "wow" admissions counselors.

  • Issue a diploma that's nice enough to frame.

Hi Janice,  . . . I bought Transcripts Made Easy and started working on it 3 years ago for our oldest son and just sent the first transcript out to a college. My son is a senior this year.

The lady in the admissions office called about some other information today and said she wished all homeschooling parents had it together like me.

She really liked the transcript; she said she couldn't do that on her computer. Then I told her about your book and how great it was in guiding me through the process.

I used Sample 2: Horizontal-format. I always tell people about your book because it cuts right to the chase. I have [another book] and all the info is great, but your book showed me how to put it all together on one paper.

Thanks for your help,
Ann & Dave, Colonial Heights, VA


You'll also find:

    • Success tips from college admissions counselors across the country.
    • An introduction to high school with an overview of the skills your student will need to succeed.
    • A glance at college admissions.
    • A chapter on records and transcripts for special needs students.
    • Detailed, step-by-step instructions for creating beautiful transcripts using software you already own or can download free.
  • Reproducibles that make recordkeeping super-easy.

Essentially, Transcripts Made Easy helps you do what you need to do, without getting bogged down in paperwork.

Transcripts Made Easy is now in its fourth edition, and I keep an eye on college news so that it stays updated. Transcripts Made Easy is also the only low-cost transcript resource that comes with free e-mail support from the author. You ask, I'll answer! (This means that if you have a question while working with the homeschool transcript, you can e-mail me, and I'll do my best to help you.) I want the transcript creation process to be truly easy for you.

Whether you are starting at the beginning of the high school years and collecting information as you go, or looking back and trying to remember what your teen studied when, you'll learn:

    • Who needs a transcript

    • What it's used for

    • Exactly what to put on it

    • The three basic parts of a homeschool transcript

    • How to record honors and dual-credit classes

    • How to assign credit for unit studies

    • How to record credit-by-exam

    • How to add automatic credibility to your transcript

    • And even how to avoid creating a transcript at all!

If you'd rather spend time with people than with paperwork, Transcripts Made Easy is for you.