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Free GPA Calculator

NOTE: We are sorry to report that the Free GPA Calculator is experiencing a compatibility issue with the web software, and you may not see it. We are working on a different format that will work across platforms, but until it's up, I apologize if the calculator is not showing up for you. 


The free GPA calculator from Everyday Education will help you calculate semester and cumulative grade point averages for your transcript. It offers the ability to easily calculate unweighted and weighted grades. We hope you find it useful!

Free GPA Calculator #1: Semester Grade Point Average Calculator


Put away that old calculator, and use Everyday Education's free GPA calculator!
If you have been preparing for college application by keeping high school records with Transcripts Made Easy, you are probably ready to use this simple Semester GPA Calculator. Most colleges will expect to have the GPA calculated for each semester, as well as cumulative GPA.


How to Calculate a High School GPA (Grade Point Average)

What is a grade point? Grade points are also known as quality points, and they are a numerical way to describe how well you did in class. Each letter grade you receive has a numerical equivalent: A=4, B=3, C=2, and so forth. If you are taking honors, AP (advanced placement), or college-level classes, the quality points assigned are usually weighted.

This means they have an extra half or whole grade point added, so that ‘A’ equals 4.5 for an honors class, or 5 for a college-level or AP class. Here's how to calculate your grade-point average for one high school semester at a time:

  1. For each class taken, select a letter grade from the drop-down menu at the right side of each box. - Grades entered in the 'Regular' column will be assigned standard grade points (A=4, B=3, etc.) - Grades in the 'Honors' column will be weighted by half a grade point. - Grades in the 'College' column will be weighted by a whole grade point.
  2. When you have entered letter grades for each class taken, click the 'Calculate' button.
  3. Your letter grades are effortlessly transformed into an accurate grade point average!

Free GPA Calculator #2: Cumulative Grade Point Average Calculator

This second calculator will calculate a cumulative grade point average for several semesters. You'll use this after each semester of high school. It's simple to use-- here's how:
  1. Calculate a grade point average for each semester using the Semester GPA Calculator above.
  2. Enter the GPA for each semester in one of the boxes of the Cumulative GPA Calculator.
  3. Enter the number of units earned during the semester in the box in the right column.
    • You get .5 units for one semester of study
    • Your get 1 whole unit for two semesters of study
  4. Click the 'Calculate' button.
  5. The result displayed will be your cumulative grade point average, rounded to two decimal places.
If you have taken some classes through a community college and are getting dual-credit for them (both high school and college credit), the number of units earned may be different from standard high school classes. For example, one semester of a foreign language at college level is usually equal to two semesters of high school foreign language. You can check with the college to see what they recommend.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q- What if I have "minus" (-) or "plus" (+) behind my grades?

A- The Free GPA Calculator doesn't work with + or - grades yet, but if you'd like to use them, just add .3 for a plus grade, and subtract it for a minus grade. That means that B+ would be 3.3, and B- would be 2.7.

Q- Does this GPA Calculator work if I live outside the United States of America?

A- This calculator is designed specifically for American grading methods. Visit the Grading article for more information about U.S. grading systems, and a link to information about systems in countries outside the USA.

Q- Can I use the calculators if I don't have Transcripts Made Easy?

A- Yes, you may use the calculators. However, you do need to know how to ethically calculate the letter grades you will enter into the Semester Grade Calculator, and how to create a transcript that will look professional, and will accurately showcase your student's achievements.

Read through the list (below) of things you need to know to create a transcript and diploma. If you are not sure you know how to do those things, you probably do need a copy of Transcripts Made Easy. It will quickly answer all your questions, and provide you with all the information you need to create a transcript and diploma on any computer (Mac or PC), using any program.

  • Do you know how many hours it takes to complete a semester?
  • Do you know what information should always be included in a transcript?
  • Do you know what information should never be included in a transcript?
  • Do you know how to format your student's transcript so that it is easily comparable to transcripts from traditional schools? (This is very important to college admissions counselors as they consider student applications.)
  • Do you know how to find your state's requirements for high school graduation?
  • Do you understand the difference between standard (regular) and weighted grade points?
  • Do you know how to translate unit studies into classes that fit onto a transcript?
  • Do you know how to record AP, SAT II, and CLEP exams on the transcript?
  • Do you know how to grant credit for honors or college-level classes?
  • Do you know when and how to issue a homeschool diploma?
All this and more is covered in Transcripts Made Easy. The book is available both as an instantly downloadable e-book, or as a print book. The free GPA calculator from Everyday Education is provided for your convenience, and there are no warranties expressed or implied. Thank you for visiting our site!